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Bed & Breakfast

Surrounding and Story of Landgoed Rijckholt

Rijckholt estate of 6.9 hectares is a nature center on the island of North Beveland, near Veere and the beach of Domburg

The large field is exciting and unexpected. Many across the site are many functions. The functions of Estate Rijckholt are still developing.

There is lots of nature. And in several places there are beasts. Besides the free-running chickens and roosters in the field we have donkeys, sheep and doves.

In 2012, we have a culture of trees, plants and shrubs on the estate and a vegetable garden and greenhous . And we have the weapon used in the classical gate at the entrance to the restaurant placed.

The restaurant with fireplaces

Sometimes it's nice to just ignore your own room to sit, but with a book to sink on the sofa by the fireplace.

What you should know

For B & B guests is important to know that they stay in a particular community for all generations and therefore also for the elderly. We ensure that elderly and young people can stay cozy with each other.

Enjoy the children and the rural tranquility and beautiful scenery, animals and fun play opportunities for children and therefore there are elderly people present, who children are very nice find.

Every child dreams of being in such an environment to be able to stay with grandma.

The courtyard, orchard, greenhouse and vegetable garden

We love animals.

Our motto is: "keep the doors closed otherwise the chicken inside." Carry a piece of bread, as do the sheep and the chickens a huge enjoyment. In the notes we have a sheep meadow garden and every day we pick our own eggs. Thanks to the rooster, the hens every day to stimulate production.

Early morning at breakfast you can ask for some food for the chickens. Then you go with mommy or daddy to feed your own tour of the chickens. Donkeys eat too fast, so to them you have no extra bread edgeven. If you want to give them a little, then pick willow branches, they find them delicious.